Food & Drink

Houston Sauce Co.

This startup was ready to engage its community and provide a product that could satiate the taste buds of a large food-driven city. To do so, they needed a strong foothold on the market and a strong brand.

We designed and developed an identity package that would respond to modern industry needs and behaviors. We provide the essential elements to jumpstart any business and a welcoming experience to improve conversion rates, repeat visits, and engagement rates.


Packaging, Website, Brand Identity


Create a high quality feel to showcase the culinary skills of a local business and new brand.


A brand identity, product label and website that support the local business and its introduction into the community.

No. 1

Brand Identity

We worked closely with Houston Sauce Co to develop an identity that encompassed the values of the founder. The imprint and color scheme express the homegrown feel that represents the foundation of the brand.


The typography was selected to grasp the traditional and home grown nature of a Houston based food company.


The color scheme was selected to represent the rich quality and flavor found in the sauces and food created by Houston Sauce Co.


Primary colors

No. 2


A powerful and bold label with the imprint was used as the focal point and was created to bring out the flavorful ingredients inside the bottle.

No. 3


The development of the site ensured that the look and feel of the brand were continued. Critical call to actions were strategically positioned on the landing page to maximize conversion rates.

  • Powerful hero
  • Industry-specific landing pages
  • Clear CTA


  • Client

  • Houston Sauce Co.
  • Production Company

  • Uchenso
  • Creative Director

  • Melvin Onyia
  • Hosting

  • Squarespace
  • Software

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch